Pastor Erica Goodman Worship in the dark hour

A message by Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V church Wembley London on adopting worship as a way of life particularly in your dark hours.

Pastor Erica Goodman Overcoming Temptations

A wednesday night audio message by Pastor Erica Goodman on dealing with and overcoming temptations.

Pastor Douglas Goodman - 3 Types of christians in church

There are 3 types of christians in the church. Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church talks about each type, watch this video to find out what they are, and which one are you?

sermon is from one of our church services in Oakington Manor, Wembley, London HA9

V2V church Wembley London

An advert by V2V church in wembley london on gun crime.

We are concerned about the growing crime among the young generation in the UK, especially London, and would like the youth of today to know that there are good role models that they can follow.
Why not pay us a Visit in Wembley this Sunday and see what we are about.

Pastor Erica Goodman The Power of Peace

Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V church wembley, London talks about the power of peace.

Pastor Douglas Goodman - The devil and deceit

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church Wembley, London talks about the devil being a deceiver and how he leads many astray.