The Measure of a Man

In this Sunday service message by Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church in Wembley, our Pastor looks at the various measures which people use to measure a man.

Next week Pastor Goodman will be taking about the power of a woman.

Pastor Erica - God sees the heart of Man

Wembley, London Sunday Service 16th August 2009.

Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V church talks about how God looks at the heart of man, as opposed to how we tend to concentrate on outward appearances.

Bishop K Ulmer Wembley London

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer delivers a powerful sermon during our Sunday 9th August 2009 church service in Wembley.

Our Service times are:

Sunday 9am and 3pm (Youth Service)
Wednesday 7.30pm (Midweek Worship Service)

Church really out of Focus

Pastor Douglas Goodman explains why the chutch is really lost its focus.