Pastor Douglas Goodman Generation X

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V Church in Wembley London talks about Generation X.

Sunday Service 11am 29th August 2010

Pastor Douglas Goodman - The need for change

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V Church talks about why there is a need for change in our lives as a christian.

Sunday service from Wembley 22nd August 2010

V2V Church - Pastor Douglas Goodman Can God trust you in times of trouble

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V Church Wembley asks the question: 'Can God trust you to remain faithful in your times of trouble?'

V2V Church Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer August 2010

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer was our guest minister on Sunday 15th Aug 2010.

Church service from V2V Wembley, London

Pastor Douglas Goodman How to be consistent as a Christian

Pasor Douglas Goodman of V2V Church London shares a message during Wednesday night's service titled 'Being consistent as a christian'.

Wednesday Night service from Wembley

Pastor Douglas Goodman - Is it really love

A message by Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church in Wembley asking 'Is it realy Love?'

Sunday Service 8th August 2010

Pastor Erica Goodman - Making spiritual progress

Pastor Erica Goodman shares a message during our Wednesday night church service in Wembley about making spiritual progress.

V2V Church Steve Munsey August 2010

Pastor Steve Munsey was our guest minister at V2V Church London.

'Speak to your future and your future will come back to you'

Sunday service 1st August 2010