Pastor Douglas Goodman Spirit of competition in the body of christ

A message by Pastor Douglas Goodman on the spirit of competiion in the body of Christ.

Wednesday servce from Wembley 29th July 2010

V2V Church The Promise Keeper

A message by Elisha Sempa worship leader at V2V church about how our God is a promise keeper.

Sunday morming service 25th July 2010

V2V Church Decisions Determine Destiny

Elisha, worship leader at V2V church Wembley London shares a message entitled 'Decisions determine Destiny'.

Wednesday service 21st July 2010

Pastor Chuck Pelham If you can dig it you can have it

Pastor Chuck Pelham shares a powerful message at V2V Church called if you can dig it, you can have it.

Sunday service 18th July 2010

Chuck Pelham Refuse to be limited

Pastor Chuck Pelham guest minister at V2V Church during our Wednesday evening service talks about not being limited.

V2V Church Courting and Marriage part 2

Pastors Douglas and Erica Goodman conclude their message on Christian courting and marriage.

Sunday service V2V church 11th July 2010

V2V Courting and Marriage part one

Pastor Douglas Goodman Father's Day

Pastor Douglas Goodman uses father's day 2010 to talk about the characteristics of a good father.

Sunday service from V2V church London June 19th 2010

Pastor Douglas Goodman Waiting for promise

Are you patient enough to wait on God till his promise comes to pass in your life, or do try to give him a hand in making it happen?

Wednesday service from V2V church Wembley, sermon by Pastor Douglas Goodman.

V2V Church Courting and Marriage

Pastors Douglas and Erica Goodman preaching together on how christians should court leading to marriage, conduct and making decisions that will affect the rest of our lives as christians

Sunday service from V2V Church Wembley London 4th July 2010

Pastor Douglas Goodman The Mind

Pastor Douglas Goodman shares a message on the Battlefield of the Mind.

Wednesday service from V2V church.