Pastor Douglas Goodman - The mind you have in you

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church in Wembley shares a message on taking control of your mind and protecting it from the attack of our greatest enemy.

This sermon is from our sunday service at Oakington manor.

Living in the last days

Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V church Wembley London reminds us that we are living in the last days and need to be ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Man on Fire Pastor Erica Goodman

A sermon by Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V church in Wembley on being a man on fire for God. Are you a man or woman on fire for the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

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Spiritual Natural & Carnal Man Pastor Erica Goodman

Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V a Wembey Church shares a message on the 3 fold realms of man. Spirit, Natural and Carnal.

This is a recording from one of our sunday morning worship services.