Pastor Douglas Goodman - Bring the Gold Back

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church - Bring the Gold Back.

Pastor Duane White Sunday Jan 23rd 2011

Pastor Duane White, guest minister at V2V Church on Sunday 23rd January 2011.

The prophesies are in the video clip below:

Pastor Duane White Wed Jan 19th 2011

The first of 2 prophetic ministry sessions of Pastor Duane White at V2V church Wembley, London on January 19th 2011

The Rapture Pastor Erica Goodman

Pastor Erica Goodman asks the question : 'Are you ready for the rapture'

Ever Increasing Faith - Pastor Erica Goodman

Wednesday message from V2V church by Pastor Erica Goodman titled 'Ever increasing faith'

Pastor Erica Goodman - Breaking Up The Fallow Ground

Pastor Erica Goodman shares a message during our Wednesday evening service.

Title: Breaking up the fallow ground

Pastor Erica Goodman - Come Follow Me

Pastor Erica Goodman of V2V Church shares a message titled 'Come Follow Me'

Sunday 9th January 2011

Pastor Douglas Goodman - The Praying christian

Pastor Douglas Goodman - The Praying christian

V2V Church New Year's celebration 2010

If you missed or would like to watch the recording of the live V2V church new year's eve 2010 celebration, then here is your chance.

Part One

Artists include Solomon Facey and Racheal Kerr

Part Two

Artists include Antonio Allen and Nathaniel Bassey