Mobile Phone usage in Church

How many of you can not turn off your phones while in church, is your blackberry so important to you, that you would rather be on facebook while others around you are in worship or maybe you need to sms or text your friends while the Pastor is preaching the word from the pulpit.

Is your mobile iPhone your god?

Dream killers in Church - Pastor Douglas Goodman

If you have a big dream, be careful of who you share your dream with.

Pastor Douglas Goodman V2V Church Wembley 27th December 2009

Christmas 2009 at V2V Church

This video taken from the Christmas period in 2009, features carols, and the Christmas message by Pastor Douglas Goodman

Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25th December 2009

When you Vow a Vow

Pastor Douglas Goodman talks about not being too quick to make a vow, especially with God.

This sermon is from our Sunday service at V2V church in Wembley.

Waiting on the promises of God

A message by Pastor Douglas Goodman - Waiting on the promises of God from our Sunday service.

Pastor Goodman Grace to Forgive

Pastor Douglas Goodman encourages us as christians to be gracious and ready to forgive those that have wrong us, not for their sake, but for our own good.

Who are you relying on?

Pastor Douglas Goodman asks the question who are you relying on.

This is a sunday message from our services in Wembley, London.