Dr Wanda Turner 60 seconds to Greatness

Dr Wanda Turner shares a message at V2V church called 60 seconds to greatness.

This video is an excerpt of that wednesday evening sermon.

Dr Wanda Turner

Dr Wanda Turner a guest minister talks about the family.

Sunday service from V2V church in Wembley 23rd May 2010

Who is Jesus to you

Pastor Dougas Goodman asks who is this Jesus to You?

Wednesday Service 20th May 2010

Lack of Fatherhood in body of Christ

Pastor Douglas Goodman talks about the absense of spritual fathers in the body of Christ.

V2V church in Wembley
Sunday morning service 16th May 2010

Wants versus Needs

A message by Pastor Douglas Goodman from our Wednesday evening service.

Wants and Needs

What's in your Hand

Pastor Douglas Goodman asks the question: 'What is that in your hand?'

Sunday worship service 9th may 2010 Wembley, London

Having respect of Persons

Wednesday service 5th May 2010

Pastor Douglas Goodman shares a message on having respect of persons.

Racism in the Church

Pastor Douglas Goodman talks about racism in the christian church.