The Heart of Deception

Pastor Douglas Goodman of V2V church in Wembley.

Easter Sunday Power of the Cross

Pastor Douglas Goodman's Easter Sunday Message: Power of the Cross.

Dealing with Fear

Pastor Douglas Goodman

Understanding God's Timing

Pastor Douglas Goodman talks about Understanding God's Timing.

Sarah Jane Goodman The Great Assassination

Wednesday Service.

Billy Epperhart April 2011

Guest Minister Billy Epperhart at V2V Church in Wembley

Live by Faith

A message by Elisha Sempa V2V Church worship leader on living by faith.

Wednesday service from V2V Church in Wembley

The Forgetful Hearer

Pastor Douglas Goodman talks about the forgetful hearer.

Pastor Erica Goodman Purpose of the Anointing

Pastor Erica Goodman on the purpose of the anointing.

V2V Church in Wembley